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Lithtech Warranty Policy

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Lithtech Energy Warranty Policy

I. Product Warranty


i.       Shenzhen Lithtech Energy Co.,Ltd, herein after called “Lithtech”, warrants that the Product shall

i) be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use,

ii) and conform to the applicable technical specifications declared by Lithtech,


ii.       The warranty period of the Product, herein after also called “Product Warranty Period”, is specified as FIVE

(5) years from the delivery date of cargo released by LITHTECH.



iii.       This warranty policy doesn’t apply to end user of the Product, but “the Customer” who contacts LITHTECH

directly for buying, reselling, customizing or distributing the Product. The Customer shall specify someone as its after-server engineer(s)with professional knowledge of installation, operation, maintenance, repair,   replacement the Product; Or plan to have someone to get trained (suggested at least one week time) by       LITHTECH .

iv.       In the event that the Product fails to conform to the above warranty during the Product Warranty Period,  the after-service engineer of the Customer shall submit the complaint information by hereafter offerred  document form within 2 working days. In any circumstance, LITHTECH is supposed to get the compliant information in 7 working days.



v.       After the complaint information is notified to LITHTECH, LITHTECH and the Customer shall work together to finalize the reason of failure or defect and propose after-service solution to the Customer in 5 working  days. LITHTECH may decide that

i) LITHTECH sends out product part or accessory for the Customer repairing the non-conforming or         defective product without undue delay within 7 working days, but the delivery date depends onshipping time.

ii) LITHTECH shall be responsible for costs of repair part or replacement product and its shipping cost     from China to the Customer caused by such nonconforming or defective product; whereas the Customer  shall bear all costs if the non conformance or defect of the Product is attributable only to end user or          customer of the Customer. Any defect in the Product arising from user’s misuse, natural disaster,  unauthorized change or repair, or abnormal installation environment shall be repaired or replaced at the Customer’s cost.



vi.       In case that the Product is judged cause any other property loss beyond the Product itself, the customer shall notify LITHTECH all necessary information of such accident by hereafter offerred documents form within 24 hours.



vii.       In no event will LITHTECH be liable for any consequential, special, incidental, indirect, or punitive      damages, including without limitation lost profits, whether the claim is based on contract, tort, strict liability, or any other theory of law or equity, even if advised of the possibility of suchdamages.




II.      Performance Guarantee


i.       In addition to the Product Warranty, LITHTECH guarantees performance of the Product to be

maintained for a period of 5 years after the delivery date (herein after called “Performance Guarantee Period”), provided that the usage of the Product shall have complied with the operating conditions

under specifications.

ii.       About self-discharging degradation, LITHTECH guarantees 180 days after ex-work for the

Performance Guarantee Period. The Customer shall charge the Product every 3 months for long battery

cycle life.

iii.      The ambient temperature during operation of Products should not fall below -20 or exceed 45℃.




III.      Limitation of  Warranty


i.       The warranties set forth hereunder shall not apply to Products which, in LITHTECH’s absolute judgment have been subjected to

i) misuse, abuse, neglect or accident;

ii) alteration, improper installation, application or removal (including but not limited to any installation,

application, repair, service or removal by any party not authorized in writing or text form by LITHTECH);

iii) non-observance of instructions for installation, users and/or maintenance instructions;

iv) repair or modifications by someone other than a service technician approved by LITHTECH;



v) power failure surges, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage or other events beyond LITHTECH’s control.

vi) Further, no warranty shall apply to any damage caused by unauthorized goods to which the Product is  incorporated or installed into, or used together with, including any parts thereof. The Customer shall be     fully aware that the Product is intended for individual operation. Connecting other product or products in parallel with the Product may result in abnormal operation. For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be clarified that this shall not restrict the Customer from incorporating or installing the Product in combination with   the product or in system owned by the Customer.


ii.       This warranty does not apply to battery that

i) has been not operated in accordance with the operating manuals for their intendedpurpose;

ii) has been incorrectly installed or commissioned;

iii) has been modified, altered or operated with other components not approved byLITHTECH;

iv) has been physically damaged (e.g. damage from falls, from transportation);

v) has been damaged by force majeure (e.g. flash of lightning, overvoltage, storm,fire);

vi) has been treated improperly, negligently in any other inappropriate way, including usage out ofthe recommended ambient conditions.


vii)the product hasn’t been charged/unused for 6 months.



iii.       Since some of the Products equipped with WiFi module are intended to be operated with Internet                  connection, web registration is required. Remote control ofthe Product is achieved only when the Product is connected to the Internet, including but not limited to, monitoring ofthe Product operation and                  updating of firmware. The Product is able to be operated without Internet connection; however, warranty   herein may not fully cover the Product that is supposed to be but not registered on the web and operated    without Internet connection.



iv.       In the event that LITHTECH has discontinued the manufacture of the Product in issue at the time the related warranty claim is accepted by LITHTECH. LITHTECH may, at its sole option, replace it with a different type  of product (of mutually agreed size, color, shape power, performance or other technical specification) or       refund the purchase price prorated by the days of the relevant Warranty Period remaining.


IV.      Warranty Service Guide


i.       Warranty Service Process

This part contains all related processes for Product Warranty.

Responsibilities & Procedures for Warranty Service are specified as follows:


A.  The Customer shall notify LITHTECH After-service Center of any defect or damage of the Product to be provided with warranty service, by phone call or e-mail.


B. LITHTECH After-service Center shall instruct the after-service engineer of the Customer to find out the failure or defect reason and provide the Customer with action plan within 2 working days after receiving notification.


C. After LITHTECH After-service Center receiving complaint notification, an after-service solution should be         proposed by LITHTECH to the Customer. LITHTECH After-service Center shall explain to the Customer of which  party is responsible for purported defects or damages and repair cost incurred and attain the consent ofthe         Customer before sending out repair part or replacement. The warranty service will be provided free of charge     within the Product Warranty Period unless it arise out of the user’s misuse, natural disaster or it is turned out     to be non-defective by LITHTECH After-service Center. In such cases, defects shall be repaired or replaced at the Customer’s cost.

V.     Claim


Claims can be made to the Authorized Reseller from whom the Product was purchased or from Lithtech directly. You must, within 48 hours of a defect being discovered, notify Lithtech of a claim.

In order to claim under this Warranty, You must:

1. present the certificate of warranty declaration in its original form;

2. submit the invoice for the procurement of the Product indicating the date of delivery; and

3. provide the Lithtech system log data recorded by the Product as an indication of whether or not the Minimum Capacity has been achieved (but this would not be determinative).

To make a claim to Lithtech directly, please contact:

Add: 14th Floor, Block D, Central Avenue, Baoyuan Rd, Xixiang Sub-district, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Tel: 0086-0755-23727075



Lithtech may contact you for further information regarding a defect. Lithtech may require You to complete root analysis testing of the Product to provide evidence supporting the claim. Final verification of the claim will be made by Lithtech.

If You dispute Lithtech’s verification of the claim, the Product must be evaluated by a government certified testing lab or a certified 3rd party testing company. You will bear the cost of any 3rd party evaluation service charge (unless your claim is proven to be

valid, in which case Lithtech will be responsible for the testing costs).

If any testing of the Product’s capacity is required, the testing must occur in the following conditions

a) The test is based on single TE series battery module.

b) The ambient temperature of the Product must be 25℃±2℃

c) The initial temperature of the battery pods must be 25℃±1℃

d) Constant voltage(54V) constant current (10A) charge till all the cell voltage above 3.50Vdc or till charge current less than 1Amps.

e) Constant voltage(44V) constant current (10A) discharge till battery low voltage protection cut-off.

If the Product is no longer available, Lithtech may, at its discretion, replace the Product with a refurbished product or different product or parts with equivalent functions and performance according to the latest technical information available

     More after-service center will be found and noticed to the Customer from time to time.






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